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Is your Corporate Data, tropical storm ready?

National Hurricane center informed:

"A tropical wave, with the possibility of becoming Tropical Storm Humberto, has Florida in its trajectory as it descends upon the Bahamas, according to the National Hurricane Center. Several tropical waves exist with the potential to develop tropical maturity over the next five days including a new system that spawned Monday night near the Cabo Verde Islands". This news should be an eye opener for us as Business Owners, Manager and IT professionals. Do you backup your organization's data? What will happen if Tropical storm Humberto reaches Curaçao?

Every organization must take preventive steps to secure their data. If you already have your backup in place that's wonderful but do not forget to do a recovery test to avoid any future surprises. If you are using tape for backup make sure to take the tape into a secure location, do not leave it at the office!

It may occur that you do not have a backup right now in place, don't worry! We can provide you with backup solution to prevent that you may lose your data. Contact us in order to make IT easy for you!

Here are some recommendation you need to consider.

Equipment stored on the ground is at risk

If Hurricane Harvey taught us anything, it’s that hurricanes can cause substantial flooding—even in areas that aren’t prone to them. While the severity of flooding will depend on the location and the event, keeping equipment off the ground is always wise. Server racks, desktop computers, power generators, and other equipment will be rendered useless if floodwater reaches their circuits. For a greater chance of avoiding water-related issues, keep equipment on shelves or desks, and consider storing them on the building’s second floor if possible. If there’s no way to store servers and other gear off the ground (which can often be the case), it’s wise to at least include in your DR plan a way to move equipment somewhere safe if a large hurricane/ tropical storm threatens your business.

Cloud backups aren't just Nice-to-Haves

In situations where a hurricane obliterates a whole business, local backups don’t matter—the equipment they’re stored on will be destroyed as well. Businesses depend on equipment, but it’s not nearly as important as the information stored on it. Cloud storage offer a way to keep data safe in geographically disparate regions so there’s no risk a hurricane will wipe out every copy. On top of that, many cloud solutions give businesses a way to keep doing business from the cloud using virtualized versions of backups. This lets them continue working, even when the situation is dire.

Backup isn't negotiable, start right away. Contact us so we can assist you further

Source: National Hurricane Center and Recovery zone

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