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Automate your internal process with Microsoft Power Automate

It's been a while now that mostly of us are making use of Office 365 in our companies. With all it's integrated apps and possibilities it's making our remote life must easier. But have you noticed how many of the apps in Office365 you are using? It's notable that we mostly use word, excel, PowerPoint, outlook but what about the others.

Well today we want you to get to know Microsoft Power Automate app. Through this app we have automated internal processes of our customers and helping them reduce cost of paying external programs with the same result.

Microsoft Power Automate app automates workflows between your apps and services to sync files, get notification, collect data and more.

A few examples of what can be created with this app are as follows;

Flows example:

  • Automate approval process

  • Save mail attachments to SharePoint document library

  • Automatically move/copy items to SharePoint document

  • Automatically move/copy files and folder to other folders

  • When specific item in SharePoint list is modified send an email notification

  • Once an Outlook email is received add it to a SharePoint list

  • Track forms response

Microsoft Power automate really facilitates organizations processes you just need to know what can be created. Below you can see an example of a request approval process

Request an approval process


  1. User insert the Microsoft form to request approval

  2. By submitting the Form, it will create an item in SharePoint

  3. Send manager emails for approval

  4. Manager can approve or reject the request

  5. When manager approve saves documents in approval folder in SharePoint

  6. When manager reject saves documents in rejected folder for review

  7. Send a mail notification to the user for changes and start approval again

Microsoft forms example

What can PURE ICT do for you

If your company would like to make use of this Power automate app in Office 365 for any internal process give us a call so we can assist you and also create your automation for your organization. Make full use and get the most out of your Office 365.

You can mail us at or call us at +5999 841-7873.

We are here to make IT easy for you!

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