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Backup management: Every business needs an emergency exit

Losing data can be catastrophic for any business. So it is crucial to protect yourself against loss and invest in backup management. Not only should it protect all your important files and folders, it should also synchronize the data and restore it quickly in the event of a failure.

What secure data backup needs to provide​

  1. Backup data in cloud or locally​

  2. Synchronize data​

  3. Restore data​

What we can do for you

PURE ICT support all its customers with backup solution. It's a must. We also view each customers needs and to determine which types of backup will be used. We sometimes may combine a full backup with an incremental backup. Storage is also very important when determining the backup schedule and recovery test.

Types of backup

If small businesses need a backup of large quantities of data, they will have to get to know about the various methods of securing it. What is the fastest and most efficient way of backing up data with software? Here is an overview of the most common concepts for storage and recovery.​

  1. The full backup: This kind of backup saves all your data. It requires the most storage space and takes longest to save.​

  2. The incremental backup: Only new and edited data is saved and added to the full backup. This saves a lot of time when you are working. But when it comes to recovery, all of the updates have to be there, and they have to work.​

  3. The differential backup: Again, only the new and modified files are saved following a full backup, but not in a series. The files are saved individually. This backup solution needs more storage space but is more reliable when restoring.​

  4. The mirrored backup: Mirrored backups are exact clones of the data. They need a lot of storage space, but they are the fastest to restore in certain critical situations when quick recovery is essential.​

  5. The virtual backup: The virtual method is the only one which can provide almost uninterrupted access to data and applications through a virtual system in the event of a breakdown. It is also available as a hybrid version.

Backup Solutions we offer

We recommend you a backup solution that best fits your enterprise or small business needs. We are resellers of backup solutions as Veeam, Acronis and Idrive. We can provide you backup either on cloud or on premises.

For more information contact our sales team for further assistance at 841-7873 or

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