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Best security practices during lock-down

During current times of increased remote work, the security of business data resides to an even greater extent in the hands of employees. In order to best mitigate the risks, businesses should adhere to the following best practices: - Encrypt information stored on work devices. - Install endpoint security software on devices and keep it up-to-date. - Keep devices (also) up-to-date, including the operating system and applications. - Secure and properly configure home networks. - When connecting to a public network or Wi-Fi hotspot, always use a VPN and avoid accessing sensitive information. - Periodically back up your data. - Protect your devices with passwords and be wary of leaving them unattended while logged in. - Enable anti-theft protection on your devices. - Use two-factor authentication to protect your critical accounts. - Always have in hand the contact information for your technical support and report any

security incidents as soon as possible.

We have looked in to How businesses can significantly improve employees’ behavior to mitigate those risks and improve the security of communication over remote networks. Keeping in mind the advance of 5G, IoT devices and other technologies – compounded with the accelerating force of COVID-19 – remote access to information by employees working from home is undoubtedly a foremost business concern. The employee at home has become a fundamental piece in managing the security of your business data and processes. To face the new challenges, organizations must have clear policies for information management and adequate tools that allow employees to carry out their activities safely. Changing the manner of working within a company needs to involve all employees and can take time. But with the right training, employees can quickly understand the risks of remote work and know how to avoid or counteract them. We are confident that this guide has furthered that goal.

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Source: ESET

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