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End of life MS Windows 2007 and MS Windows Server 2008 in 4 days.

Only 4 days left for end of life, have you take an action?

Microsoft Windows 10

What is the consequence/disadvantages of continuing to use “example windows 7” and not upgrade to Windows 10?

As Microsoft already announced that windows 7 mainstream support ended since 2015, but extended support ends on January 14th, 2020.

By not upgrading to Windows 10, you will receive limited security patch, almost nothing.

Microsoft will not add any new features or security updates, like it normally does in mainstream support phase.

Although security updates to protect you from ransomware and other attacks, with Windows 10 you will receive way more privacy options, Microsoft Edge, (future replacement of IE) Access to the latest software’s on Microsoft store and dozens or small changes to improve your work experience.

Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Disadvantage when running Windows Server without a license:

There is no limited services/ or force task shutdown if you still have windows server 2008 R2, or windows server 2003.

Microsoft start implementing those in Windows server 2012, by not activating windows will shut down every 1 hour, and you will not receive security updates/patches.

Like windows 7, windows server 2008 and 2008 R2 end of live support ends on January 14th, 2020.

Not activating is putting your infrastructure and applications unprotected.

There are a lot of hackers, spam, virus out there. Although you have antivirus software installed, they also need to upgrade to new operating systems because Microsoft won’t support the O.S. anymore.

❖ Non-security updates ❖ Nonsupport options ❖ No online technical or content update.

It’s like running your infrastructure without backup

What we can do for you

Pure ICT can assist you with purchasing of any Microsoft license because of our partnership with Microsoft. Furthermore support with installation of any license and or upgrading to Windows 10 doesn't have to be your headache. Let us assist your organization with it all! Contact us at +5999 841-7873 or We would be glad to pay you a visit so we can discuss how we can support you.

We Make IT Easy for You!

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