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How does ESET handle with ransomware?

Ransomware is a type malware that encrypts your file and prevents you to open your file till you pay a ransomware fee for it. Wannacry was one of the biggest ransomware which occurred in 2017. Wannacry caused $5 Billion in damage. The most popular way that ransomware get on your network is via email usually with some Microsoft document with macros in it and when you open it that's how it starts infecting.

How does ESET combat it?

Eset offer an Antispam which is used when your organization is using outlook. A lot of the email come through spam.

In case you use web based email than ESET HTTP scanner is the go too.

If it by passes, than Post execution advanced memory scanner and anti ransomware shield will be used which looks if the ransomware is trying to change multiple files rapidly? if so it will block it.

Another way hackers try to reach your network is through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Brut force attacks. Normally an Admin account is setup to access the server from home but when the hackers sees it they try guessing the admin password and when they are finally in they uninstall the security and start encrypting everything they can. This triggers the TCP Flood attack inside ESET network attack protection which will immediately stops it.

Interested in securing your network?

Pure ICT as ESET partner here on island can surely secure your network with ESET products. Contact us at or +5999 841-7873.

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