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New Windows 10 Edge update is slowing some PCs

Have you found that your PC is slower than usual after installing the recent Windows 10 update for the Edge browser? You’re not alone. A number of users are reporting that their system performance and boot times have been negatively impacted by Windows 10 KB4559309 (Edge update).

It was way back in December 2018 when Microsoft confirmed it was replacing Edge with a Chromium-powered browser. It finally came out of beta in January, bringing a faster, more feature-packed incarnation.

As reported by Windows Latest, last month saw Microsoft pushing out a new Windows 10 update that automatically updates Edge. Depending on your version of Windows, you’ll receive either KB4559309, KB4541301, or KB4541302. It’s the first of these, KB4559309, that’s causing the problems.

Some of the issues discovered by users include laggy performance, lower fps counts in games, boot times up to 3x slower, external hard drives not working, and more.

“This update has essentially rendered my brand new computer useless,” wrote one user.

Fixing problems caused by dodgy Windows updates is usually a matter of simply uninstalling them, but trying to do that with KB4559309 will bring up a message stating the “update is required and cannot be uninstalled.”

If you’re having issues with the update, the best option is to use the System Restore feature to revert to the previous version of Windows 10. For those who’ve yet to download

KB4559309, you could always stop it by downloading the latest version of Edge, modify the Registry, or use the Blocker Toolkit.

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