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Oops, password forgotten?

No password is impossible to crack that is a fact. But it is recommended to have strong and secure password that is easy for you to remember. If you are not capable to remember a password, consider using a password manager or a very secure place to store your password. Common practices It is no secret that few users bother to create an elaborate password. The explanation is simple, one has lots of accounts, several email addresses (for essential business, email etc.) and if your password is "123456", "qwerty" or even "password", it would be a good idea to change it right now. Since one of the simplest ways to access someone's online account is to guess a password, and hacking software tends to try the most common codes first, creating passwords is a serious matter. When a code is guessed, hackers also tend to try other online services the victim may use, such as banking, in an attempt to access other details. Keep in mind, not to re-use passwords. One ultra-secure won't be any good if someone finds it. Using different password each time will make it more harder for them to guess it. First that comes to most users' minds is to use our pets' names, car model or the word “password”. Surely, you are the only person who has red Ford 2008, a dog called Foxy and a password Password. The combination of the numbers like – 12345,246810,654321 etc. Creating a secure password to remember ​​

There are few ways to create a secure password  which are as follow; 1) Replace some letters with number and special characters: For example lets use the word "password" you can remember it easily and to make it secure you can write it like this: P@$$w0rd! 2) Use first letters in a phrase: Then change some letters with number and special characters and the end result will be something like this: 1N2u@$Pfm@! Now you have a very secure password that is harder to crack or guess but it is easy for you to remember. On the other hand, If you want to use a password manager here are some examples: KeePass LastPass 1Password Just remember that if the password manager is compromised all your accounts password will be too. 

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